Industrial ecology

Waste and packaging program

  • Waste management program, registration of waste, hazardous waste identification
    sheets, hazardous waste accompanying sheets, waste production reports
  • Obtaining of approvals from state authorities in the field of waste management
  • Obtaining of authorization for handling waste oils and end-of-life vehicles
  • Professional capability for granting authorizations for handling waste oils
    (authorization by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic No. 160/03/0-6.3)
  • Expert assessments concerning waste

(Waste) Electrical and electronic equipment

  • Implementation of the Waste Act with respect to EEE producers and importers
  • Registration of EEE producers
  • Registration and reporting of EEE put on the Slovak market

Water protection

  • Emergency plans for the protection of water quality
  • Operating guidelines for sewage networks
  • Obtaining of approvals from the responsible state authorities
  • Tank tightness tests

Enviromental audits

  • Complex assessment of environmental legislation compliance in the extent
    required by the customer; usually performed prior to a sale of a business,
    in a tender procedure or before an inspection by environmental authorities


(environmental impact assessment)

  • preparation of plan
  • preparation of assessment report

Ambient air

  • categorization of ambient air pollution sources
  • annual ambient air pollution reports
  • obtaining of approvals from the relevant state authorities


  • advisory
  • obtaining of IPPC permits
  • IPPC applications

Geological works

  • Hydro-geological exploration
  • Boring and cleaning of wells
  • Geoengineering surveys

Categorization of ambient air pollution sources

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